There have been various advancements in business accounting, and amongst the most popular of them is the introduction of cloud accounting software – XERO.

Because of the advanced unique features the cloud business accounting software offers, business owners and accountants already using software like QuickBooks and Sage are asking questions like;

  • Can I convert my business from QuickBooks to XERO?
  • Can I convert my business from Sage to XERO?
  • How easy is it to move my business to a cloud accounting software like XERO?
  • Is it easy to import from Sage and QuickBooks to XERO?

It is true many think converting their business from these traditional desktop accounting software to XERO is a hassle, but the fact is that with the right technical assistance, it is easy and fast.

In this article, Your Finance Team discusses what you need to know about converting your business from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO easy and fast.

Why You Should Migrate Your Data to XERO Today

XERO is a cloud-based accounting solution. That means you can access your data from anywhere, anytime, even from your smartphone. Furthermore, the cloud-based software is easy to use and allows you to get a better understanding of your business performance.

According to statistics, the XERO platform has over 2 million subscribers and the number is rapidly growing.

This growth in XERO adoption is partly due to the advanced accounting features that XERO offer and partly due to the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD). MTD was introduced as a way of making it easier for persons and businesses to get their tax right, as part of the UK government’s move to become one of the world’s most digitally advanced tax administrators.

With MTD, cloud-based accounting platforms like XERO are the ideal solutions to managing your accounts.

Converting Your Business from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO

Moving your business from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO is easier and faster than you think. Besides being the UK’s leading cloud accounting software, the software makes you Making Tax Digital ready.

The beauty of moving from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO is that your most important data, transactions and information will be migrated.

These include;

  • Chart of accounts
  • Customer data
  • Supplier data
  • Individual transactions etc

Can I Move my Business to XERO Myself?

Although moving a business to XERO is easy and fast, it can be tricky, especially if you do not have experience with the XERO accounting software.

Given that you are migrating from one platform to another that has its unique features and functions, it is very easy to open a can of worms.

You can easily misplace copies of your data. Moreover, it is almost impossible to grab an exact copy of your data. Additionally, some of the information will not transfer or when they transfer, will look different on the destination software.

What Can You Do

The best way to migrate your business from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO easy, fast and most importantly safely is by working with a certified XERO accounting software expert.

A certified XERO accountant understands the platform in and out and will help set you up with XERO, pay for it, move your business and teach you and your team how to use the cloud-based accounting software.

Before moving your data, we’ll advise you on what you need to do before and after migrating your data. That way, you’ll achieve a successful conversion of your business from QuickBooks or Sage to XERO.