As your business grows, so will the need for effective financial management. You may already have hired a bookkeeper to keep the basics in check, but as your business continues to prosper, you may feel that you need a more substantial service. This next step could be the hiring of a Virtual Finance Director – someone who will manage your finances with the knowledge, expertise and experience you would expect from a loyal, full-time member of staff, in your offices or remotely, but for a fraction of the price.

We’ve rounded up a plethora of benefits that could come from hiring a Virtual Finance Director if you are considering this as your next step:

1. All-Seeing, All-Knowing
The primary role of a Virtual Finance Director is to oversee all financial activity with an objective, unbiased eye. This means having someone on your team who can actively monitor your finances and report back to you with clear, detailed information that will help to inform positive business decisions. Having access to a consistent, real-time overview of your financial situation at all times via a Virtual Finance Director can help you to understand your business and move forwards in the most profitable way. And you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

2. Affordable Access to Experience and Expertise
Choosing to hire a Virtual Finance Director means that you’ll be working with a fully qualified accountant with years of valuable experience in senior financial leadership. While hiring someone full-time with a similar status can be expensive, going Virtual means that you’ll only have to pay for the time you need and the services you require, as and when you need them. No holiday pay. No pension pay. Just uninterrupted support and unmatched skill, available to you whenever you need it.

3. Practical Positives
As well as being a more financially viable option and providing your business with expertise and experience, Virtual Finance Directors can also help to put a plethora of practical actions in place to increase the financial success of your business. Increased sales, improved turnover and profitability, identification of new trends and financial patterns, strategic planning and cash forecasting… all imperative to business growth, and all accessible via a Virtual Finance Director.

At Your Finance Team, we believe in the benefits of hiring a Virtual Finance Director and know how positively it can impact your business. We have a team of highly experienced, fully qualified accountants on hand to provide you with a trustworthy, credible and, above all, knowledgeable Virtual Finance Director Service. Our Virtual Finance Directors are available as and when you need them, whether that be for just one day a month or as regularly as once a week.

Click here to find out more about the Your Finance Team Virtual Finance Director Service and experience the business benefits for yourself. If you would like to see if it is the right time for your business to take this step, please get in touch.