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Our Exceptional People

We are not formal, stuffy accountants, we enjoy our work and enjoy the people we work with.  All members of our team are technically excellent and true team players and, unlike other firms of accountants, we have spent many years working in industry so we bring ‘real life’ commercial and finance experience from across different industries.  Our people are flexible, open minded and accessible so if you have a problem you simply call us; we never charge for ad hoc advice and support.  Our overarching goal is to give you the best possible finance and accounting support to help you grow and develop your business.

Our Exceptional Results

Everything we do is intelligently focused on maximising your business success. We want to help change your business for the better.  This means going beyond producing a set of year end accounts: it means really getting to know you and your business.

Our Exceptional Clients

We are all about relationships. We have some truly great clients who inspire us constantly with their enthusiasm and business drive. We work with companies from all kinds of industries but our clients tend to have a one thing in common – they want to grow their business and be as successful as possible. They have the attitude and energy to look forward and strive for what they want from their business and for themselves.  It has been a privilege to work with so many successful companies, where we have acted as trusted advisors covering all of their strategic and operational accounting requirements.

Our Exceptional Tech

More and more, we are seeing the benefits technology can bring to our clients. But tech on its own is not good enough, we always make sure our clients understand how it works so they can use it and trust it. This means proper training and proper help and support making it work day in and day out. Our technology gives you the freedom to do your accounting on the move – you are no longer tied to your desk, you can raise invoices and submit your receipts all through an app on your phone or tablet.

The staff at Your Finance Team continually provide a professional, timely and tailored service which fits my business perfectly.

John Lawson

Director, JJ Aviation Services Ltd

How it started…

Our founder, Mark Randall, set up Your Finance Team to help growing businesses reach their full potential and allow financial professionals to bring their skills to companies who often lack the resources to employ full time finance staff.

Mark is a Chartered Management Accountant with 20 years’ experience working in senior financial management positions from small venture capital backed businesses to large FTSE 30 organisations.

Mark’s personal and entrepreneurial approach, combined with an ability to “talk finance with non-finance people”, is a core value which runs through the whole team; a team who are passionate about working with business owners to define and achieve their personal goals and vision, through the development of their business.

Please contact us to learn more about the range of services we can provide for your business.

Can You Buy an Electric Car Through Your Company?

Should You Buy an Electric Car Through Your Company? A company car is one which is purchased and owned by a company but made available for private use by an employee. Successive governments have increased the personal tax costs of company cars which has meant that having a company car is often seen as expensive and not particularly attractive to the employee. Personal tax on a company car is calculated based on the Co2 emissions and the list price of the car: essentially, the higher the price and the more Co2 emissions, the more you pay in tax. A more attractive alternative is now a possibility, and if electric cars appeal to you then you could make decent tax savings by purchasing an all-electric car through your company. What’s Changed? A zero-emissions vehicle used to attract a benefit in kind rate of 16% which meant that, for example, a £35,000 car would have a taxable value of £5,600. A basic rate taxpayer would be liable for tax at 20% on this value. From April 2020, the government dropped the benefit in kind rate to zero for all electric cars. This means no personal tax charge for the car! The 0% will remain for tax year ending April 2021 and then increase from April 2021 to 1% then to 2% from April 2022. This means a basic rate taxpayer with a £35,000 car would pay tax of £70 for 2021/22 and £140 for 2022/23. Despite these increases, it is still a significantly lower tax rate than any other types of company car. Buy or Lease? There are also decent corporation...

How to be Brilliant at Video Presenting

Here at Your Finance Team we have been making a lot of video calls over the last few months.  It got us thinking about how to be the best you can in the current ‘new normal’ and that even though this Corona-crisis will end it will have changed the way we work, forever. We found this Blog from one of our clients The Speakers Coach with some great tips. Find out more...

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We are a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants and a certified Xero advisor

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We are a member firm of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants and a certified Xero advisor

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