Fundamental to being successful in business is the ability to forecast cash flow accurately.  We partner with Fluidly on behalf of our clients so that there are no more cashflow surprises or hours wasted. With Fluidly’s Intelligent Cashflow – you can forecast, scenario plan, and chase debtors – all in one place.

Fluidly’s automated tools make planning effortless and allow businesses to keep a healthy bank balance and worry less.

Fluidly’s real-time software connects to your Xero or QuickBooks account and uses the data to automatically build a cashflow forecast in an easy-to-understand chart. No more modelling or stress – see your cashflow history, your opening cash position and predictions for the future.

And they don’t stop there. Fluidly helps you plan for different scenarios and get cash in the bank, from chasing late payments to getting funding.

How does it work?

We’ve connected your accounting software to Fluidly, it uses artificial intelligence to identify patterns in your historical accounting data and generate a 90-day cashflow forecast. From paying your next VAT bill to planning for changes in the business Fluidly makes it easy to look further ahead.

…and what they say.

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