How to Switch Accountants

Switching accountants is a very straight forward process

The simple steps are:

  • Send your current accountant an email or letter informing them that you intend to move (download the template below)
  • Your new accountant will then write to your existing accountant asking for ‘Professional Clearance’. This is a courtesy between accountants and is an opportunity for any issues to be discussed, for example non-payment. As long as no issues exist then the existing accountant will transfer a copy of all of the key records (accounts, tax returns etc) to the new accountant
  • The new accountant will perform anti-money laundering checks. This is very straight forward and involves the client providing photo ID and proof of address.

That is it, you are now up and running with your new accountant

Why do people change accountants? The most common reasons are listed below:

  • My current accountant only contacts me once a year at the year end
  • My accountant is not proactive with advice he gives
  • My accountant is not interested in me or my business
  • My current accountant takes ages to get my accounts done
  • My accountant provides poor value for money
  • My accountant hits me with unexpected charges
  • My accountant and I just don’t get along
  • My business has grown and evolved so we have outgrown our current accountants
  • My accountant wants me to use an old accounting system which is not user friendly

Please see the template letter to change your accountant – feel free to copy and paste the template and populate with your details.

Download Letter Template (Word Document)

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